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personalized fathers day gifts one thing ALWAYS leads to another- from ‘revolutionary yardscape’ to the campana bros astonishing website geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-10 06:24 Views: 65

Sometimes we are just completely knocked out by the connections of ideas and people we make daily writing ‘;the improvised life’;. Like Matthew Levesque, a reader from San Francisco who runs Building Resources, a not-for-profit depot of re-usable and re-manufactured materials for building and landscaping…;.

…;who wrote a book we want called:?The Revolutionary Yardscape: Ideas for Repurposing Local Materials to Create Containers, Pathwayspersonalized fathers day gifts, Lighting, and More…;

accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir

…;.whose comment on our post about “;The Mother of All Task Lights”; called our attention to…;

a) a wonderful?Achille Castiglione lamp that is hidden in the photo

b) ?and the EXTRAORDINARY website and work of the Campana Brothers, the Brazilian design team. Their website needs Flash to run and will try your computer’;s resources. And once you enter, it will eat at least a half hour of your time, a fabulous example of what’;s possible in a website. Somehow, in the oddest ways possible, the Campanas give you a sense of the process/origins of their furniture and housewares. On the main page, click Projects, and then click on the project you want to see. Prepared to be surprised…;

Our favorites:

Vermelha (Once a page has unfolded, be sure to click right to see the next)



…;Banquete (there’;s several minutes of an unfolding story here…;which you can read patiently OR move your cursor to the right)…;


…;Blow Up…;

With all, be sure to click hard on the right arrow OR on the number on the lower right (after the word ‘;short cuts’;, several times if you have to. We recommend occasionally moving your cursor around the screen to see what happens…;

Thanks Matthew Levesque!

With nights getting warmer and longer, we often find ourselves pushing the usual bedtime a little further away, as we cannot help but enjoy the beautiful evenings outside. While on weekends it doesn’t cause us any trouble, other days we still need to rise early and end up feeling tired at work. This often results in unbalanced sleep cycle and troubles falling asleep. Here are a few tips that will help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a quality rest.

With no budget and a 6000-square-metre site, everything in the Needham family home is generous. We discover what they’ve done with all that space

Consider how you will use the space, and give purpose to different parts of the room. Candace and Rebecca carved a living room, office nook and dining area from one open space – essentially by choosing the right rugs. For example, a typical rectangular rug made the living room look too boxed off, but the curved shape of a Cowhide Rug from Forsyth created a more natural flow into that designated area.

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