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personalized fathers day gifts Wine Bottle Table Numbers- Redux personalized wedding gifts

Updated: 2020-03-04 09:39 Views: 95

A few weeks ago, I did a post about wine bottle table numbers. Since then, I’ve had the chance to play around with the idea and I’ve come up with a final product that we really like. They are easy, cheap, and (in my humble opinion) pretty freakin’ gorgeous.

You’ll need:

lace pillowcases

Tips: It’s key to use oil-based rather than water-based paint pens for this project so that you don’t have to worry about water washing your numbers away. The type of lace you use makes a big differencepersonalized fathers day gifts, too. Luckily, the cheap laces work best–;the kind with the net-type backing, not the thicker fabric lace. The thicker stuff doesn’t like to stick to the bottle as well. The lace that I used cost only $1.99/yard at Joann Fabrics, and you could use a coupon on top of that. ?Also, the 10” measurement listed above is a good starting point, but measure the circumference of the wine bottles that you are using to be sure, since there is some variation amongst different brands.

Step 1: Grab an old bowl and mix some modge podge with a little water to thin it out.

Step 2: Use a piece of chalk to mark off where you will position your lace strips on the bottle. The strips will wrap around the bottle so that they are above and below the spot where you’ll be drawing your table number.

Step 3: Using your paint pen, draw your table number. I used a medium point white Sharpie paint pen, and that worked well for me. I was able to outline a number (2 per bottle–;one on each side) and fill it in, then do a little scrollwork on the edges. Let the paint dry to the touch.

Step 4: Soak two of your 10-inch lace strips in the modge podge mixture. Pull them out one at a time, and run them between your fingers to remove drips. Then, simply wrap one strip around the bottle near the base, and the other around the bottle near the neck. Let dry.

That’s it! Since you used an oil-based pen, you can use the bottle as a vase and not worry about a little splashing. These come together quickly and are super cheap, and you could do variations such as a ribbon or strip of burlap in place of the lace. Enjoy!

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Travel and sewing are both passions of mine so when I’m able to combine the two loves, I take advantage of every opportunity. Today I’m returning from two weeks in Tokyo. Who could miss the many Japanese women who travel halfway around the world to attend the many quilt shows we have in the U.S.? I was quite sure I’d find many fiber arts related in this quilter’s paradise to occupy my time. There’s nothing like a trip to inspire my next BERNINA creation!

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