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personalized fathers day gifts Style & Family- A living room survival guide pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-12-03 19:19 Views: 175

Becoming a parent doesn’;t mean sacrificing your taste in honour of your kids, but sometimes you need to find practical ways to make the two work together.

The Meknis’ living room exists in a décor sweet-spot, where practical and attractive cross over. Their daringly pale pink and white toned lounge is a testament that you can have the look you want even with little ones running about –; it’;s all about finding the right items.

bed pillow covers

This could mean anything from swapping your delicate fluffy-fibre rug for a more hard-wearing but still super soft and shaggy synthetic rug, or you might want to ditch the long pile altogether. Something short or woven makes crumb removal much easier, and won’;t harbour hidden building blocks or globs of playdoughpersonalized fathers day gifts, and a patterned option will help hide any accidental marks.

Did you spot the Meknis’ cream coloured sofa? Some might say that’;s a brave move with 5 little ones, but we say bravo –; they’;ve cleverly styled it up with patterned and textured cushions that are perfect for disguising those inevitable smudges and spills, and those removable cushion covers can be easily popped in the washing machine to freshen them up again.

Another great idea to protect your soft furnishings is to invest in a gorgeous throw that matches your colour scheme. Blankets and throws are doubly practical –; they’;re great for warmth and comfort that the whole family can share, and they create a protective layer to take the brunt of food and drink accidents that you can then pop in the washing machine.

For a family home, storage is also key. Between the toys, games and tiny socks, kids have a lot of?stuff. If you don’;t want your home to get quickly swallowed up by rainbow shades of plastic, you need somewhere to tuck it all away once they’;re in bed. Find furniture pieces you enjoy, that also make room for the kids’; playtime, and you’;ll achieve the perfect balance between life and style. The Meknis did just this with a discreet cream storage bench, that includes 3 box drawers for the kids to ‘fill with life’ as Takan puts it.

And what to do with your little ones’; artwork? Traditionally it might have found a home on the fridge next to the alphabet magnets, but this is a precarious position. Here it’;s open to the elements, and unless you’;ve got a budding Michelangelo on your hands they’;re probably not in keeping with your décor either. For a more practical solution that combines your taste with your parental pride, pop them inside frames of your choosing and create a gallery of their original artwork on the wall.

I can’t help but notice a real concern with the toxicity of fire retardants when I’m reading other’s blogs, articles, online consumer reviews and comments about crib mattresses and other children’s products. The concern is often focused on PBDEs, commonly used toxic flame retardant chemicals that are in just about everything. Should we be concerned? According to a unique study conducted by The Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer is a very definite yes.

As I stated before, gold sequins and glitter will be playing a HUGE part in our wedding décor. I had originally toyed with the idea of having our guests throw glitter or sprinkles as we walk back down the aisle as husband and wife, but while signing our the contract for our venue there was an additional clean-up fee of $100 for using either of those items. Although plan A didn’t work out quite as I had hoped I knew plan B would be just as good, if not better! While lurking on Pinterest one night I stumbled across an awesome picture of guests waving ribbon wands as a bride and groom walked back down the aisle. The pictures of the guests waving the wands were beautiful and full of color…and I knew I had to make these!

Do you guys want to know what breaks my heart?

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