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personalized fathers day gifts Stunning Storage Ideas for the Bedroom funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-12-04 07:38 Views: 422

Unless you live in a mansion with walk in closets the size of a hotel suite, if you’re like most home owners, there’s never enough storage space in the bedroom. You can overcome the problem and still maintain a stylish and comfortable look when you increase your storage space with a few changes or additions. Some may require the skills of a carpenter but others are easier to add. Add extra space to your closet with closet organizers or create your own organizer by adding extra shelves and rods at various heights. You can combine a rod and shelf space for shorter items such as shirts.

While longer dresses may require the traditional height rod, there’s always space above for a shelf to hold winter caps or purses. Pre-packaged closet organizers may be the best route for those who have minuscule familiarity with a hammer or saw. Door mounted storage for the closet can increase your space even more. Small wire baskets or a fabric holder with multiple pockets can increase your storage considerably. Adding shelves to your bedroom can increase the space dramatically. You can use the open concept or add baskets to hold your items. Creating a beautiful look by mixing colourful roomy baskets with other decorating items creates a great look while adding much needed storage space to your bedroom.

linen pillow covers

For children’s roomspersonalized fathers day gifts, brightly coloured plastic crates can hold toys and clothing and add to eye appeal at the same time, co-ordinating colours with childrens curtains will bring a balanced and stylish look. For those fortunate to have a bay window in their bedroom a window seat with hidden storage will make good use of the space. Add plenty of cushions to co-ordinate with your bedding or curtains uk to complete the look. If you want an office in your bedroom, but don’t want it to detract from the décor or the romance of the room, an office armoire may be the perfect solution.

You can keep all your work hidden from view, yet ready for the morning by simply opening a door. Work right until bedtime if you must, but once you close the door to the armoire, it’s out of sight to allow a romantic evening or some peaceful sleep, either way you won't be distracted by work looking at you or more to the point you looking at it!

Keeping the kids busy and occupied during summer break can be challenging! Make this DIY Summer Activity Kit for Kids for all those times they say they’re bored. Having a few kids crafts, activities and ideas up your sleeve will make summer much more enjoyable!

Are you excited to decorate for Christmas this year? I am! We moved into our house December 1, 2012. With both Joe and I working full-time and raising our toddler twin girls with no family in town, the move was stressful. {I should also note that my husband, who I love dearly, insisted that we move ourselves. I will NEVER do that again}. We were so busy unpacking and settling in that we did not devote much time to decorating our home last year. This year, I am making up for lost time :)

So excited to introduce one of our very newest contributors this year….Alana from Threadbare Cloak!!!? Alana has a gift for all things DIY….and I’m especially in love with her knack for turning old into new!? So excited to have her here with us!? (All posts written by Alana for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.)

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