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personalized fathers day gifts Our Gypsy Travels take us to Maryam’s for Brunch in Houston personalised birthday gifts

Updated: 2019-09-15 13:03 Views: 191

A little vintage, amazing food and great coffee make for a wonderful brunch in Houston. ?We take a turn onto 19th street in downtown Houston to find the quaintest little shops, antique stores and food establishments. ?We slipped the caravan into a spot and headed into our destination for this gypsy tour, Maryam’;s Cafe.

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We were welcomed by the most amazing vintage chairs and decor. ?Each table featured an ornate bench or chair that was absolutely amazing. ?Each one unique, redone and as you sit upon one for breakfast you feel like a queen. ?Not to mention the oversized hourglasses. ?We were so curious, did they mean something specialpersonalized fathers day gifts, maybe that was how long we could stay, how long it would take them to prepare the food, but not, they are simply decorations to be admired.

The walls were filled with vintage coolness too. ?Filling the old wall with vintage finds that are so unique makes for such a great space.

Now to the food. ?Can we just say amazing, unique and delicious!!! ?The menu offered a nice variety of different breakfast, brunch and lunch options, that are not only healthy, but also terrific, we know that does not always happen. ?The quiche was fantastic and the fruit even better.

How about a Spanish Omelet with even more fruit!!! ?The portions were perfect and the presentation was so nice.

Coffee was served in found coffee cups that were just the right size and fruit smoothies were streaming out of the kitchen with beautifully colored rimmed glasses. ?Each one a show stopper, but the most amazing was the Doggie Menu printed with the rest to make sure the pooches were well fed too. ?Each table had a dog bowl and welcomed our four legged friends.

So next time you are in Houston or maybe you live just around the corner, pop into this wonderful little find. ?Take your computer and sip on Italian coffee or a smoothie, soak in the vintage and get a little work done or take a walk next door through a wonderful vintage shop.

About Maryam’;s Cafe –;

They are located in the historic Houston Heights district, Maryam’s café serves?amazing?Italian coffee, smoothies, doggie meals and unique healthy organic people food. ?The counter is filled with handmade treats, many of which are gluten free. ?Each meal is plated with special attention to detail, tea served in?vintage tea cups, smoothies in fancy glasses and coffee in?vintage mugs. ?Sit in the?window and watch the world go by, or slip your earphones in and get a?little work done. ?You will find them at?315 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008 –;?(713) 921-1111

personalised birthday gifts

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