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personalized fathers day gifts One Wild Slipcover for Three Chairs geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-10 14:45 Views: 153

Exploring images of La Maison Champs Elysees, a hotel in Paris’;s right bank, we?came across this wonderful linen slipcover that unites three upholstered chairs into a kind of sofa. Wonderful.

pillow shams floral

How to do it?

We’;re reminded of the time?we had a dressmaker make a linen slipcover for an old sofa we’;d inherited. We draped the fabricpersonalized fathers day gifts, pinning it to fit, as one would a dress. We made it fit closely on the essential form, then let the too-long hem drape on the floor.

Our plan of attack would be to assemble three chairs and drape fabric, so see where the material “;dictated”; it should go. We can also imagine buying?a big canvas painter’;s dropcloth or heavy linen sheet (California Kings is the biggest seemless swath of linen we know of), and just draping and tucking it in to the chairs to make a unified “;sofa”;.

The Selby


bridget ? for rough linen

These images of deconstructed slipcovers in the style of Paola Navone’;s Ghost Chair?offer some good strategies…;


Hello! It’s Nina from the HSS feed and I’m here to talk about one of my home decor challenges and how I’m trying to tackle it.

When Annie first showed us a swatch of this wool area rug, which she named Gustav?(as in Klimt), we were, well, a little confused. We were taken with the original mix of colors and the bold treatment of geometrics, but the tiny sample just wasn’t translating into a bigger concept for us. How would this diminutive bit of textile look at full size?

Wonder why your knitting never looks quite right? You may be twisting your stitches. Learn to recognize and avoid this common knitting mistake!

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