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personalized fathers day gifts How to make the most of your Christmas Eve pillow covers floral

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We hope you’;ve got your gift shopping sorted by the time Christmas Eve comes, giving you the day?to enjoy the festive anticipation and get some of Christmas?preparations?in place. Here’;s what we’;ve learned about having a pleasantly productive Christmas Eve, and?we hope it helps you too!?

Whether your Christmas is going to be filled with the excited faces of children waiting for Santa, reconnecting with your nearest and dearest, or having a well-deserved rest, we wish you a happy one!?

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‘;Twas the night before kidmas…?

Get the kids to help leave treats out for Santa, then get them off to bed. The sooner they’;re asleep, the sooner Christmas morning comes!?

Hang stockings?

Over the fireplace or at the end of their bed, get the kids to hand their stocking so Santa knows where to drop a few little treats. Filled with smaller gifts to keep them occupied for a while when you’;re trying to wake up fully, a bedroom stocking might just slow them down before they bound into your room in the small hours, excited to see what else Santa has brought them. A word to the wise though: if the stocking is inside their bedroom, you’;ll have to be extra careful sneaking in to?fill it once they’;re asleep!

Leave something for Santa??

Once evening comes, you’;ll need to leave a treat or two out for Mr Claus. He and his reindeer have a long night ahead of them, so you can’;t blame them for wanting a snack along the way. Leave a mince pie or cookies on a platepersonalized fathers day gifts, and some carrots for Rudolph and Co., along with a glass of milk or sherry to wash it down.??

No chimney? No problem

A long time ago Santa relied on chimneys to deliver everyone’;s Christmas gifts, but it’;s just not practical these days. Homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so if you don’;t have a fireplace with a chimney, don’;t forget to leave the magic key on your door to let the man in red deliver his gifts.??

He knows when you’;re awake!

Once you’;ve prepared your home for the arrival of St Nic, it’;s time to get the little ones off to bed, because as we all know, Santa only visits when you’;re sleeping! To help you calm their excitement and get them off to bed, treat them to a cosy new pair of pyjamas and tuck them in with comfy festive bedding.??

Christmas Eve Party??

If your Christmas Eve is child-free, you’;ve successfully packed the kids off to bed, or you’;re an elf just finishing the toughest shift of the year, it’;s time to have some fun. Whether you’;re going all out with a dinner party, sharing a few cocktails, or just a few low-key drinks and nibbles with loved ones, Christmas Eve is a perfect excuse?to get?together.??

It would be great to have the mixologist skills to make individual cocktails in a jiffy, but you’;d probably prefer to spend time with your guests rather than nipping?to the kitchen all of the time, right? Our favourite way of getting around this is to make a generous batch of festive punch, and let guests help?themselves.??

Mulled wine is the obvious choice, as it’;s in every?supermarket?at this time of year, and you can keep it warm on the hob at a steady temperature. Just jazz it up with a few slices of orange and a couple of sticks of cinnamon and you’;re good to go!?

Spare a thought for the non-drinkers in your party, and make up an alcohol-free batch of mulled apple to keep them in the festive loop. Take a litre of apple juice, and simmer it in a saucepan with some orange peel, a cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves, until the flavours have had enough to time combine. Sample the flavour, and add honey to taste.??

Last minute jobs and getting ahead?

That’;s a wrap!?

Now’;s the time to wrap the last few gifts and place them under the tree, or in stockings. The best part about leaving it this late is knowing the recipients won’;t be able to have a cheeky feel or shake before Christmas Day! Handmade touches make gifts look extra special, if you’;re in the mood for?Christmas?crafting.?

Food glorious food?

While you’;ve got time ahead of the riot of new toy noises and wrapping paper explosions, have a last run through your timings for Christmas dinner, check you’;ve got all the?ingredients?you need, and anything that needs defrosting is doing so in plenty of time. Even if you’;re doing this at night when the shops have closed and last minute items aren’;t an option, finding out?the?night?before?gives you time to process the predicament and come up with an alternative plan (with a little help from the internet). Finding out you forgot to pick up brandy sauce just before you?serve the Christmas?pudding is far more stressful than knowing in advance, and you never know, one of your visitors might be able to bring something with them.?

Get set?

With so many elements to the classic festive meal it can feel like you’;re doing nothing but cooking all day. That’;s why we recommend?setting your Christmas?dinner table up the night before, particularly if you’;re expecting more people for dinner than usual. We like to keep it semi-formal for Christmas, so it looks like a special occasion but we’;re not bamboozling guests with too many glasses and pieces of cutlery. Here’s how we’;re setting our table this year:?

1.????? First off, count the amount of chairs you’;ll need and arrange them to check for elbow room.? Move the table out if needed.??

2.????? Place a table cloth, centred so it hangs evenly.?

3.????? Drape a decorative table runner along the centre.?

4.????? Add a centrepiece, but nothing too tall. We want our guests to be able to see each other! A cluster of unscented candles (so the tasty food scents get the attention they deserve) and a few faux flowers work well.??

5.????? Place a charger plate in front of every seat.??

6.????? Top each charger plate?with a dinner plate.?

7.????? Place cutlery around each charger plate, based on what you’;re serving.

8.????? First place the dinner knife to the right of the plate, then a starter knife or soup spoon, so the dinner knife is in the middle.?

9.????? Place a dinner fork on the left of the plate, and a starter fork if needed to the left of the dinner fork, so the larger of the two is in the middle.??

10.? Place a dessert spoon or cake fork horizontally above the plate, in a 12 o’;clock position.??

11.? Glasses live to the top right of the setting, with a water glass nearest the dessert?cutlery, and wine glass (or glasses) to the right of it.??

12.? If you’;re using them, place your bread knife on top of your bread plate and position them on the top left, between the forks and dessert spoon.?

13.? Napkins usually go under the forks on the left for formal dining, but we’;ve fallen in love with this cute 3D Christmas tree napkin folding DIY, so we’;ll be placing them front and centre on each dinner plate.??

14.? If the party needs a seating plan, think about the most harmonious placements and add name cards.??

15.? Finish off with Christmas?crackers!?

Cheers! It’;s time to relax?

If you’;re all done and dusted (probably with sugar from the mince pies), put a Christmas movie on, pour a glass of eggnog, and sink under a soft blanket, you’;ve earned it!?

Easy Hot Eggnog Recipe:?

Our quick and easy recipe only takes 10 minutes and is a lot less?faffy?than most eggnog recipes, using ingredients you probably already own.??


·??????? 2 Medium Eggs?

·??????? 125g Caster Sugar?

·??????? 150ml Whiskey, Rum or Brandy?

·??????? 1 Litre Whole Milk?

·??????? Nutmeg for garnishing?


1.????? Crack the eggs into a large bowl, add the sugar, and whisk?until the mixture is well combined and frothy.??

2.????? Add your chosen spirit and whisk until combined.??

3.????? Pour the milk into a saucepan and gently bring to the boil, while whisking.??

4.????? Pour the milk into the bowl and whisk to combine.??

5.????? Serve immediately in heatproof glasses, with a little nutmeg on top.?

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