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personalized fathers day gifts How to Join the Sleep Organic Movement accent pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-03-30 08:51 Views: 57

When you buy an organic product, from food to bedding to shampoo, you send a message. Buying organic tells the marketplace that there is a high demand for organic and sustainable products. Each organic purchase is part of a larger movement as each consumer makes a statement of what is important to them.

canvas throw pillow covers

Babies and toddlers spend 12 to 16 hours per day on their mattress. For the first several years of a child’s lifepersonalized fathers day gifts, that mattress is the most prominent object in their environment. We believe their mattress should be as safe as possible.

There is growing concern among health professionals, environmental advocacy groups, and consumers regarding the potential effects of chemical exposure on our children. Many researchers suspect that toxic chemicals play a significant role in the dramatic increase in childhood disorders. While some chemicals have been banned or voluntarily removed from the manufacturing industry, there are still many issues. We’re here to help by providing a safer option: certified organic crib mattresses and accessories.

This month, Naturepedic launched a new way for you to show your support of the organic movement. We partnered with Pictition, a social sharing tool that lets you pledge your name to the cause for more organic living.

Sign the pledge to declare: #MyBabySleepsOrganic.Sign now:

As a special thank you gift for adding your name to the cause, Naturepedic is giving away a free gift. When you sign the petition, you can claim a free organic cotton bib for your little one to celebrate your family’s organic lifestyle.

On a rainy/cold/grey day, is there nothing better that cuddling up on the couch under a blanket and watching a bit of telly, or reading a book? And is there anything WORSE than having to get up and walk your warm self through a cold(er) room to get a cup of tea and a cookie? or popcorn? Well! Do I have an 'ible for you!! Read on to make yourself a pair of totally awesome 'Couch Pants'. These pants are comfortable (made off a pair of your most comfy PJ's) and so deliciously warm and snug - because they are made of blankets!!!! Yes!!! Blankets!!. They are also easy to make - I am not a seamstress by any measure and managed to make these without any unpicking!

Hello, it’s Minki Kim from Minki’s Work Table.?I have three young girls and whenever a birthday invitation arrives, my handmade zipper pouches are ready to leave for a new home. They are always appreciated gifts and we love to make them! Today I’m sharing with you how to make my Hexie Block Zip Pouch using my hexagon cheater print from my??Serendipity collection.

Welcome back! If you are just joining in, check out Block 1 of the Quick and Easy Christmas Quilt. It covers much of what we’ll be talking about here today.

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