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personalized fathers day gifts Here are the latest wallpaper trends and how to use them at home sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-18 10:55 Views: 85

Wallpaper can take any area of your home from paper plain to flat-out fabulous. We round up the freshest designs to get the ball rolling

Your entranceway should reflect your personality and be the first indication to visitors of your interior style. With so many unique and exquisite wallpaper designs available, you can personalise this space as much as you would any other room in the house. As it’s a place where no one lingers for long, you can afford to go bold and brave! Think about the furniture and decor items you wish to have in this area as this will help determine the style of wallpaper you opt for.

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Wallpaper in a child’s bedroom is always a good option, whether it’s used for the whole room or just a feature wall. If you’re decorating from scratch, start with the wallpaper and select bedlinen and other items to tie in.

Stripes and maps of the world never seem to date; similarly, a beautiful floral motif or subtle pattern should see them through from toddler to teen. Another approach, which looks very cute, is to wallpaper inside a wardrobe or large storage cupboard – every time your child opens the doors, the cool design hidden inside will make them smile.

The addition of wallpaper in a bedroom can create a great focal point, especially when placed behind the bed. While papering the whole wall behind the bed is still very much on trend, wallpapering a strip along the wall to act as a visual headboard is becoming popular, too. A good height for the top edge of the strip is 1.6-2 metres above the floor but it all depends on how high your bed is.

Whether you choose to paper a full wall or just a small area, keep in mind that for this feature to really be the hero of the roompersonalized fathers day gifts, you need to keep the other decorative elements and the bedlinen as simple as possible. If you tend to favour a highly patterned wallpaper or mural, go for classic, plain bedding.

Living rooms tend to be large spaces and wallpapering a whole room can be expensive. A less costly option you could consider is applying a fabulous wallpaper print or pattern to one wall and painting the remainder.

If symmetry is your thing, you could add wallpaper to alcoves on either side of a fireplace. To link the wallpaper to the rest of your home, take colours from the pattern and bring them into the room via cushions, throws, art or decorative objects.

Bathrooms, powder rooms and laundries are the perfect place to start experimenting with wallpaper. They tend to be smaller rooms without a lot of other furnishings and finishes to compete with your chosen colour or design.

Wallpaper can also turn highly functional rooms such as these into spaces you love to spend time in. If you are worried about moisture levels affecting the paper, check with your supplier first and consider a vinyl or super-strength option as these types are often highly durable and splash-proof.

If you love wallpaper but are renting, removable wallpaper will give you the colour and fun of wallpaper without the permanence or the cost of installation.


1. E377206 Stripes range, $699.99 a roll, from Resene.2.?‘Cacti’ 12180 Imaginarium range, $94.95 a roll, from Resene.3. 605655 Botanicals range, $102.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.4.?Komar mural 8-999, $417.99, from Aspiring Walls.


1. Louise Body ‘Watercolour Grey’, $199 a roll, from Paper Room.2. DR6365 Dwell Studio range, $245.95 a roll, from Resene.3. Cole &; Son ‘Senzo Spot Ardmore’, $215 a roll, from Paper Room.4. DR6328 Dwell Studio range, $432.95 a roll, from Resene.


1. DR6336 Dwell Studio range, $245.95 a roll, from Resene.2. FD23810 Eclipse range, $142.99?a roll, from Aspiring Walls.3. Rebel Walls custom marble mural, from $89, Paper Room.4. FD23819 Eclipse range, $142.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.


1. 606874 Passepartout range, $102.95 a roll, from Resene.2. 605563 Passepartout range, $102.95 a roll, from Resene.3. AT7093 Ashford Tropics range, $172.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.4. 12381 Imaginarium range, $94.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.


1. 609318 Botanicals range, $102.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.2. E378013 Reflect range, $239.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.


1. 12402 Imaginarium range, $94.99 a roll, from Aspiring Walls.2. Mind the Gap ‘Tropical Bloom’, $349 a box, from Paper Room.3. Borastapeter ‘Romans’ 1768, $195 a roll, from Paper Room.4. DR6356 Dwell Studio, $245.95 a roll, from Resene.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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