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personalized fathers day gifts Fun Background Technique With Glimmer Mists and Gesso personalised birthday gifts

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Did you know that Tattered Angels mists react so cool with water? What it means is that even once they’;re on paper, you can still play with them using water –; you can dilute the colour, do ‘;ghost prints’;, etc. Add some white gesso to it and you have even more options –; lighten the?colours, add texture…; fun, fun fun!

Crew?Member, Kathy Adams has for us a detailed tutorial on what you can achieve with just mists, water and some gesso. ?Creating a collection of various printspersonalized fathers day gifts, colors and designs are?perfect for making cards, tags, journals, art journal, atc cards?and more. ?

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Kathy also takes the creativity one step further by using the misted pieces as backgrounds for her canvas book.

Welcome to creativity galore!

‘;There are two parts to this project. First Part: I wanted to use printing techniques with Glimmer Mists and gesso. Because GM reacts with water, I thought it would be fun to do some experimenting and see what kind of backgrounds I can create. I had such fun, I ended up making a dozen or so of 4″;x6″; background cards. Now, what to create with them?? Second Part: I decided to make a canvas mini-book and added some burlap to it just for fun. The idea was to sew the cards into the book once it was made, then embellish the book using only leftovers from previous projects.’; –; says Kathy about her project.

Materials used:Tattered Angels?Glimmer Mist: Dragonfly, Blarney, Verdigris, Pumpkin Spice, Gilded Gold, Suede, Sunflower, Pink PoodleTattered Angels Plain Jane Simply Sheer: Red RoseTattered Angels Chalkboard Mist: SplashTattered Angels Baseboard Mist: Sandy Beach and Cardboard Tattered Angels High Impact Paint: Red, Yellow, Blue, Olive Green Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins paper: On Safari Canvas Corp?Nautical Assorted Tags Canvas Corp?Black and Ivory French Script paper Canvas Corp?Canvas FabricCanvas Corp?Burlap Fabric Canvas Corp?Canvas Fringe in Black TickingStrathmore Printmaking Paper Heat Tool,?Fabric Glue Water in a Spray Bottle Liquitex Gesso and?Matte Medium Sewing Machine Stamps and?Archival Ink

Spray Dragonfly and Blarney Glimmer Mist onto a craft mat. I used a palette tray. Swipe 4″; x 6″; Strathmore printmaking paper through the mist several times until the paper is mostly covered.

Use a heat tool to dry the paper.

Spritz the paper with water in a few different spots and dry with the heat tool. Experiment with leaving it to sit for a few moments before drying. This is the fun part!

Add a bit of gesso to parts of the paper to tone down some of the color and add another dimension to it. I used my finger and/or a brush to apply the gesso. Then spritz with more water, wait a few seconds and dry with heat tool.

I added more gesso and experimented with pressing a mesh needlepoint circle into the wet gesso –; it left a textured impression.

It’;s a song and dance. Add more Glimmer Mist to the prints, a bit more gesso and spritz with water. Roll with a paper towel to mop up the excess. Keep going till you love it!

When I was done, I had more than a dozen cards. I got to work adding stamps, High Impact paints and more sprays. When I was done, I had over a dozen little pieces of art.

So what should I do with them? I decided to make a canvas mini-book and sew the cards into the book. Since the cards are 4″;x6″;, I cut rectangles of canvas and burlap to 13″;x6.5″; and sewed them together in the middle. I added black ticking ribbon to the outside binding edge.

For some of the pages, I used what I had on hand from previous projects. This little journal was such fun to create!

‘;There is no specific theme here, just what I felt like at the time. This book was a joy to make!’; –; shares her experience Kathy.

We hope that she has inspired you to experiment with your paints a little bit more. Don’;t be afraid to play and get messy –; end of the day, that’;s what mixed media is all about!

Have fun crafting!



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