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personalized fathers day gifts Designer Insight- AW17 Trend ‘Deco Charm’ pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-11-29 13:22 Views: 100

“;As a huge fan of TV period drama – often more for the wonderful costumes and sets than the storylines – I am delighted to see the wide-ranging influence of the Art Deco art movement on film, fashion and home this Autumn. This glorious period for the arts was unafraid of audacious style and celebrated opulence. Our Deco Charm theme attempts to capture the magic of that era and deliver the look in a glamorous yet affordable collection that works for the modern home.

For any others out there who share my penchant for theatrical style, (and possibly a minor Downton Abbey obsession)personalized fathers day gifts, may I draw your attention to the Charm Floral bedding which features the iconic lead pattern for this collection, and would not look out of place in Lord &; Lady Grantham’s bedroom…; or yours.

canvas throw pillow covers

The rich palette of teal blue and gold is a bold new combination which I believe will become the new ‘must have’ colour scheme for fashionable homes. Having always been a bit of a magpie, I’m personally delighted to know that my gold painted lounge and green velvet curtains may finally be considered ‘trendy’, rather than just ‘quirky’! Some of the cushions in this collection will fit into my existing scheme perfectly. I am particularly fond of the beaded and fringed peacock cushion, which would make a lovely centrepiece on the sofa.

The best consolation to darker evenings is dinner parties! As the cost of living rises, more people are entertaining at home than ever before. This lifestyle direction is reflected in the product ranges we retailers choose to offer. You may have noticed a big increase in the emphasis on glassware and barware – and most recently the return of the drinks cabinet. The Dunelm design team certainly like to party and we have embraced this trend with great enthusiasm. I am particularly proud of table top ranges for this story but most of all the Porto furniture range which features a drinks cabinet with beautiful marquetry detail on the doors as the centrepiece of the collection.”;

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On a rainy/cold/grey day, is there nothing better that cuddling up on the couch under a blanket and watching a bit of telly, or reading a book? And is there anything WORSE than having to get up and walk your warm self through a cold(er) room to get a cup of tea and a cookie? or popcorn? Well! Do I have an 'ible for you!! Read on to make yourself a pair of totally awesome 'Couch Pants'. These pants are comfortable (made off a pair of your most comfy PJ's) and so deliciously warm and snug - because they are made of blankets!!!! Yes!!! Blankets!!. They are also easy to make - I am not a seamstress by any measure and managed to make these without any unpicking!

Hello, it’s Minki Kim from Minki’s Work Table.?I have three young girls and whenever a birthday invitation arrives, my handmade zipper pouches are ready to leave for a new home. They are always appreciated gifts and we love to make them! Today I’m sharing with you how to make my Hexie Block Zip Pouch using my hexagon cheater print from my??Serendipity collection.

Welcome back! If you are just joining in, check out Block 1 of the Quick and Easy Christmas Quilt. It covers much of what we’ll be talking about here today.

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