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personalized fathers day gifts DIY- Room Screen of Colored Slats geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-09 05:06 Views: 124

Meike Harde

While checking out the work of designer Meike Hardeeike Harde, we were intrigued by her?wooden aquarelle room screen. We’;re always?looking for clever, mutable?ways to divide our space or hide an in-process project. We were pleased to see that, like Max Lambpersonalized fathers day gifts, Harde SHARES?her process, allowing us to take her ideas and RUN.

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The screen itself —without the aquarelle treatment —is made out of single boards, so seems very diy-able?out of plywood, or even precut poplar boards.

A U-shape is inserted on the top and bottom of the wood, fixed on one side but freely movable on the other. The metal part combines both connector and hinge in one part.

Following the trail of Harde’;s description, we found a number of hinge-like fasteners that would work.

Although we’;d probably just paint the screen, we do like Harde’;s aquarelle experiment.

In a first step the wooden panel is clamped onto a water-proof frame. The wood is then coloured by adding pigmented water which soaks into the wood. The tinted water evaporates within a few hours and leaves a unique structure. After drying, the coloured wood is varnished with a transparent finish.

There’;s something very freeing about seeing her pour the paint…;and NOT be able to entirely control the results.

Meike Harde

Harde also?made simple stools/seats out of aquarelle-painted plywood…;

Meike Harde

The side tables are essentially diagonally split cubes. Different heights make them nestable. They can be combined in various arrangements suggestive of mosaic.

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Hello my crafty friends, it’s CREW member Patti Senter with you today sharing a very special mini album.Every once in a while a collection comes along that just sings to your soul. That’s how I felt when fellow CREW member Aga Baraniak designed the newest Canvas Corp collection called Compose Your Life. I love the versatility of having pages colored and pages ready for me to put my personal touches on. The 12×12″ papers are printed on textured watercolor paper, a nice?heavy weight that will lend itself to a multitude of projects.And, let me tell you… it worked especially well for my loose spine mini album.

Christmas crafts become even more interesting when they come with a touch of personalization and an element of upcycling the most basic of household stuff. Old, empty wine bottles are something that fit into the block of upgaming items to form a brand new piece of decoration as well as a special gift of your loved ones. It’s amazing how their super versatile nature lets you turn them into a whole spectrum of beauties – ranging from a simple flower vase to an intricate holiday-themed centerpiece worthy enough of delighting the guests, as well as heart-warming present ranging from a subtle message in a bottle to a candy-filled bottle jar!

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