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personalized fathers day gifts An Eclectic Mix- Get Ed & Emma’s Look pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-09-29 08:07 Views: 95

Having recently bought their first home together, Emma and Ed and are still figuring out how to reflect both of their tastes. Emma is quirky and eclectic in style while Ed is more minimalist and likes to create a look that flows throughout rooms, which means they’;ve had to employ some creative thinking to get the balance just right. A gallery wall and a vibrant chair make a statement in their home, while monkey trinkets and faux plants add colour, texture and interest.

Here is a sneak peek into their homepersonalized fathers day gifts, with helpful styling tips along the way – to help you achieve their look.

pillow cover home decor

Like a lot of us, the heart of Emma and Ed’;s home is their living room. It’;s here they spend evenings relaxing watching TV, curling up on the sofa or just spending time with together, so you can see the love and attention to detail that has been given to this space.

As a space it needs to be practical and stylish, and Emma and Ed have used a modern looking?Fulton Bookcase?to house books, photographs and keepsakes which combines storage and display space perfectly.

Colour plays a big part in their bold look, and their use of a vibrant yellow accent shade contrasts with the blue and neutral base to create fun and stylish finish. They make it look easy with a striking yellow chair and carry on that accent with smaller accessories.

Tip: If statement seating isn’;t for you, cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour. Layer them on the sofa with different textures and patterns for a vibrant, contrasting look.

Central to their living room is the gallery wall, featuring photographs of them, family and their beloved pets. With Ed a graphic designer and Emma an art therapist, this substantial and very personal visual statement shows their love and appreciation of creativity.

Gallery walls are an incredibly effective way of injecting personality into any room and they make it so easy to show off your style. Mixing up the textures, colours and shapes of the frames helps to create a quirky look, even if the artwork is similar. If you want to head down a simpler route – create your own colour palette and mix and match stylish prints or family photos.

Tip: Have fun with a gallery wall! They’re easy to refresh if your tastes change, and you can switch up your artwork with prints, or even wallpaper.?

If you (like Emma) have an exceptional trinket collection, they’;re a feature waiting to happen. Small accessories can be styled and placed on fireplace mantelpieces, shelves and side tables or many more spots to turn any surface into a decorative one. Mix and match with antiques or simply style them on their own.

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