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personalized fathers day gifts 12 Days of Stenciling- Indian Inlay Stenciled Projects Personality linen pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-16 01:16 Views: 62

How is everything going my DIY crafters?? Have you been following the Cutting Edge Stencils 12 Days of Stenciling feature this week?? We’;d love to hear what you think of it so far, let us know by leaving us a comment in the section below! Oh yeah, and make sure you check out the projects from day 1, day 2personalized fathers day gifts, and day 3!

Today’;s project of the day is Indian Inlay Stenciled DIY Gifts.

outdoor cushion covers diy

Meet Shelley,the crafty blogger behind Crazy Wonderful.? Shelley recently created this jaw-dropping gorgeous Indian Inlay Stenciled mirror.? She had an old piece of a mirror laying around from another project.? She built a simple wooden frame around the mirror and painted it black.? Then she stenciled the inlay pattern in white using acrylic craft paint. It turned out gorgeous and it was a super simple project to complete.? It was so easy that Shelley says, “;I have a second scrap piece of mirror and I’;m planning on making this mirror a twin sister. ”;? We wonder who will be the lucky duck to receive this beauty? PS. She’s hosting a stencil giveaway on her blog right now that will give one lucky winner a $50 stencil credit, so go enter!

A painted chest makes a wonderful gift because it’;s a stylish way to store your favorite keepsakes or keep a child’;s toys organized.? Marie, one of our fab facebook fans, sent us a picture of her recent stencil project.? She revamped an old, mahogany campaign chest using the?Indian Inlay Stencil Kit and antique gold stencil creme. We think it’;s absolutely gorgeous!

So we just shared three DIY gift ideas and after all that stenciling, we think you deserve a gift too! Make your bedroom a stylish retreat using the Indian Inlay Stencil Kit!? We love the instant touch of class the black and white pattern adds to the nightstand and the stenciled picture frame completes the look.? Learn how you can create an Indian Inlay stenciled picture frame in four easy steps from our detailed tutorial. ? PS. They also make great DIY gifts!

If we’;ve peaked your interest with our fab Indian Inlay Stenciled projects, then check out this video on how to use this super easy stencil pattern.

Haven’;t had enough stenciling fun?:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

Ask anyone to name the number one home décor project, and nine out ten people will answer: 'a pillow.' We're guessing that tenth person is the same guy who's always throwing off those surveys in which nine out of ten dentists agree about something. Never happy, that guy. No matter; we're delighted to stick with the majority and give you a trio of terrific holiday pillows to try.?All of ours were made from fabric scraps leftover from our other Noel Home projects. But, I've listed yardages, as well as the names of the actual fabric we used, should you want to start from scratch. Let's show ol' one-out-of-ten the decorating power of pillows!

A well-made bed helps your entire bedroom look neat and tidy. While some prefer to just pull up the sheets and go, we appreciate the look of a carefully-made sleeping place. See below for our simple guide.

Ten years after it was built, my kitchen still looked great EXCEPT for the counter tops. The speckled black-white-and-gray granite that seemed so right at the time looked dated, and its pattern was too busy to use as a surface for the food photography we did in my space. My friend Holton Rower, who is an amazing artist, designer, and gifted improvisor, said “Why don’t you make a top to fit over the one you have?…Make a form out of plywood that will fit over the granite, ?and cover it with a soft-ish metal that can wrap around the form…”

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