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personalized fathers day gifts 10 Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Fall funny cushion covers

Updated: 2020-01-17 01:25 Views: 145

When the temperature drops, our nesting instincts kick into overdrive —; and the bedroom becomes ground zero for hibernation mode. Now’s the time to layer on the cozy comforts of fall for snuggle-up warmth you can enjoy all winter long.

To give you inspiration,?we designed three different looks?starting?with basic all-white bedding. Below, we walk you through each look and?share?our 10 best tips for creating a cozy bedroom.

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There’s nothing quite like an all-white bed in summer. It also makes for a great neutral base for fall layering —; just add in a few bold tones to warm up your look. The Annabel Quilt is a lovely, if not unexpected, companion to our Cassis Matelasse Quilt.

1.?Nostalgic or Heirloom Pieces

Old, sentimental pieces are?a natural way bring in that?warm, cozy?feel to your space in the cooler months.We love the way patchwork quilts instantly evoke a nostalgic feeling of bygone days and a slower pace. So if you have one of your grandmother’s quilts or a hand-made gem from a flea market, throw it on! The Found Pizza?Paddlespersonalized fathers day gifts, hung above the bed, become instant art and add a sense of homeyness.

2.?Warm Colors

Colors are one of your best tools for creating a mood. Warmer tones, like reds, golds and oranges are sure fire ways to generate a bit of heat, and it’;s easy to add them in seasonally if you have white or cream bedding as a base. We tossed a few of our Linen Pillows in Pomegranate (yes, linen!) into the mix. The ?Ellis Table Lamp?reflects the colors of the room brilliantly, and the shimmering finish is the perfect foil to the rustic textures in the room.

3.?Upholstered Pieces

Upholstered furniture —; a side chair or a bench at the foot of the bed —; brings an extra level of?softness and comfort to a bedroom. For prime nesting, create a cozy spot to curl up with a book and blanket.

Pattern-rich textiles and a casual, collected look pump up this space with cozy warmth. With the versatility of a duvet, there’s no need to run out and buy all-new bedding when the temperature drops. Just keep it neutral, as we did here with our Casa Florentina Washed Linen Duvet, and switch out your insert for a heavier weight down fill and layer in a little color with a blanket.

4. Humble Furniture Pieces

Casual?or vintage-style pieces create a more easygoing feel that’s especially in tune this time of year —; and can often be an unexpected touch. Here, the woven chests?are perfect stand-ins as bedside tables, and a quilt hung behind the bed becomes a beautiful?focal point.

5. Saturated Hues

You’ll warm things right up when you trade out those pastels from spring and summer for more deeply saturated tones. Our Kantha Quilted Throw, hand stitched from Indian saris, is in a luscious jade that beautifully plays off the headboard covered in a?super soft?velvet.


A prim and proper bed in a room full of sleek and shiny surfaces would feel really cold and austere. Using a variety of textures creates the kind of cozy environment that will make you want to kick off your shoes. For example, the whitewashed walls with woven furniture and natural rugs add a level of depth and dimension. In the bedroom below, we love the absolutely decadent mix of buttery soft leather cubes with the velvet quilted bedding!

If you are really committed to the white bed, here’s the way to keep the look without screaming summer. It’s all about piling on sumptuous texture, starting with our luxuriously soft Lucca Stitched Quilt in cotton velvet.

7. Velvet

There’s no denying how versatile a fabric velvet is, especially during the cooler months, when you want to luxuriate in comfort and warmth. It can go anywhere, and you can do a little or a lot. Can’t commit to a full velvet headboard? Add a pair of plush throw pillows instead or upholster a side chair for a soft place to sit.

8.?Faux Fur

Go ahead, indulge yourself. Never has one blanket added such an instant wow factor. Faux fur has a natural warmth that will feel down-right luxurious on a cold day —; and is sure to kick up your cozy, mountain vibe a notch.?

9.?Layered Rugs

Of course, a rug underfoot adds instant warmth. We love natural rugs, but they do feel a little flat in the winter. So layer?a rug in a different pattern or shape on top for a more substantial look and feel.

10.?Soft Lighting

Warm up your winter decor with a soft, inviting glow. Use a variety of lighting, such as bedside lamps or a pair of sconces, and put a dimmer on overhead lights. To avoid the harsh fluorescent lighting of an office, be sure to select bulbs that give off a warm, yellowish light to create a more inviting feel. For LEDs, look for the description “warm white” or “soft white.”

For more design inspiration,?visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in our?Photo Gallery.

I just can't see my world ever living without grey - not after this years unstoppable colour trend has inspired many a home makeover in the last 11 months or so. Saying that, I have always had a thing for grey - but now it just seems to be so much better appreciated in a range of decorating styles, that ideas for using this hue are pouring out of home decorating sites and magazines - the world is hooked!

Wood stairs are beautiful, there's no doubt about it. But they can also be a TAD boring, which is a shame because wood stairs are such a great opportunity to create a beautiful focal point in your home. More and more, people are “embellishing” their wood stairs and it's a trendI am loving. Just check out some of these amazing wood stairs with embellished risers from around the web.

Quilt artist, instructor, and author Paula Nadelstern shares some tips for teaching and exhibiting work abroad.

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