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decorative pillow cases the d-i-y perfect soap dish- a sponge geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-11 00:07 Views: 63

photo: sally schneider

The soap dish is one of those inventions that seem destined to NOT fulfill all the requirements we need them too. Designed to keep bar soap from sitting in water, the wet residue from the soap has to end up somewhere, either on the sink/tub surface or in the bottom of the soap dish, requiring cleaning later.

linen pillow covers

When we moved into our new space recentlydecorative pillow cases, finding a well-designed soap dish was not high on our list of endless more-essential things to accomplish. Without thinking, we improvised one: a simple dry sponge we’;d had on hand. It absorbed the watery residue from the bar of soap with no mess, and because it barely got wet, there was no issue of mildewing. To clean it, we just wet the sponge and rinse it out. ?It seems we’;d inadvertently found the perfect soap dish.

H-m-m-m. What if we got a nice looking sponge, like a white one ? (Is there such a thing as a white sponge)? We discovered Twist Naked Sponge?on Amazon.

It was too large so we custom-cut it with a bread knife (though since then have found that they come in a variety of sizes. Et voila:

photo: sally schneider


photo: sally schneider

We figure there are lots of possibilities in the realm of natural sponges, loofahs and other washing/scrub pads and have started to look around.

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