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decorative pillow cases The Creative Possibilities of Helium Balloons geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-10 16:43 Views: 75

Lately, we’;ve been seeing some pretty interesting uses of helium-filled balloons, which we’;ve been fans of since we got a gaggle as a gift. First we stumbled on?Tokyo-based design studiodecorative pillow cases, h220430‘;s?balloon chair which promised a change of mood:?“;if you sit in this chair, you’;ll be able to think positive thoughts even if you are feeling down.”;

personalized gifts for girlfriend

Then Redditor “;hdubs”; posted a photo of his bearded friend?who?tied hellium-filled balloons to his dreadlocks?JUST before he cut them off for a good cause: as part of the World’s Greatest Shave, an Australian fundraising event that helps aid the?Leukaemia Foundation‘s ongoing research and support to people with blood cancer. It is a vision of impending liberation and gift.

It reminded us of the fab hair-do artist?Myeongbeom Kim created…;

Myeongbeom Kim

…;and Will It Beard’;s improvisation with balloons…;

There are infinite possibilities for printing balloons with?messages...

But one of the most unusual balloon creations arrived via emal in the last dark days of winter from a friend in Seattle to whom we’;d sent a big bunch of really vibrant?balloons; an ancient leafless apple tree is uplifted and transformed…;

…;into a Balloon Tree.?(Video link HERE.)

Top image via Laughing Squid; balloon chair via Core 77

Sleep is one of the most important things we do for our health.

Are you excited about the holiday season? I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas. We still have a few weeks but I’ve already started crafting a few new decor projects. Every year I take a look at Pottery Barn for inspiration, I love Pottery Barn but not their prices. What I’ve found is that I can usually create knock-offs for a lot less. Using only a few items, I was able to create this easy mason jar vase for a fraction of the price.

Real estate in LA is like a Las Vegas casino – you either hit the jackpot, or you end up blowing your money on a really bad bet. Before their agent showed them this fixer upper, Rebecca and Jared Raskind were ready to fold.

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