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decorative pillow cases Student Essentials- Make a workspace that works for you pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-12-03 14:16 Views: 202

Studying is the reason you go to uni –; no surprises there. But hands up, who’;s guilty of procrastinating instead of getting stuck it to reading and writing? Thought so. We can’;t help you crack on with your essays, but we can share a few pointers to make your workspace more pleasant and productive.

The basics of getting your desk set up aren’;t the most excitingdecorative pillow cases, but they’;re the foundation you need to do things right.

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If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. At least that’;s what our teachers told us. Getting organised is? easy to do at the beginning of the year before your assignments start rolling in, then it’;s just a case of maintaining order (or holding back the chaos) through the academic year.

You are your most important study aid, so take care of yourself! Working hard is important, but so is looking after your health.

Most wouldn’t think of wine country for a baby moon, but after spending 5 days there last week, I have to say, it was simply perfection! You may recall that we visited Napa and Sonoma?less than two years ago, which is partially why I chose it. Chris really didn’t want to leave the country and as a fair complected redhead, sit on a beach. Knowing it was our last getaway without children for a while, I wanted to go somewhere that we wouldn’t take the kids. Another must? Romantic. Wine country is nothing but! Picturesque views, lush accommodations, a plethora of spas and great dining make it the perfect destination.

With the onset of monsoon, you welcome the lovely weather and green surroundings and some unwanted guests come home too. Yes, insects, rodents, lizards, and mosquitoes make an entry inside your home every monsoon. While you look forward to those pitter-patter raindrops, you keep looking for ways to keep the pest at bay. But before you think of that pest control as the way forward, how about adopting means of preventing these pests to come home. Isn’t prevention better than cure?

You just found out that you’re pregnant – Congratulations! While this discovery is exciting itself, now you can surprise your friends and family with the good news. Do?you have a cute story about how you did this? Did you leave a bottle of prenatal vitamins on the kitchen counter for all to see?

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