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decorative pillow cases Organized Trinkets – Altered Wooden Box personalised birthday gifts

Updated: 2019-09-16 08:01 Views: 175

As September’;s ‘;Organise Yourself’; theme goes on, I prepared an altered box tutorial, which I called Organized Trinkets. It originally was a tea box but since I have a lot of tea tins already, I decided to give it a new purpose ???I wanted it to be user friendly –; easy to clean and with a flat lid. In this case, my chosen way of embellishing was the paper collage technique.

Firstdecorative pillow cases, I glued some bits and pieces (fabrics, threads, paper, tape) for texture and gessoed the whole surface.Then I assembled some pictures to arrange a nice collage.

personalized pillow cases

Next step was about adding colours. I played with browns, copper, naples yellow and gold.To achieve some interesting results, I used various tools for applying the paint such as spatula, brush and sponge.

After applying all the paint layers, I randomly sanded the whole box to bring darker colours out.This gave it a nice worn look.

Time for stamps and stencils!It took me a while to decide which stencil to use –; the choice has finally fallen to harlequin:)The circles were made with a cap and acrylic paint.

Now to collaging! Some re-arrengements were made and some embelishments added to achieve this final look:

Hope you find my tutorial inspiring:)

Have an extremely creative final days of September!!


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personalised birthday gifts

Summer is almost over which means there are?plenty of memories recorded in photos that now need organising and storing. While most of them will end up in photo albums and maybe photo boxes, there?will be some that we’ll want to display and give them something more than just a box to live in.

Summertime! Sun, heat, swimming, long evenings and outdoor dinners! What could possibly be better (well, there are things, but still… :))?! So many beautiful moments, exciting conversations and precious emotions exchanged… And cozy setting can enhance the uniqueness of these experiences even more.

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