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decorative pillow cases Guest Bedroom Ideas on a Budget custom anniversary gifts

Updated: 2020-01-19 19:44 Views: 90

I am all about decorating with budget friendly items. It doesn’;t matter what room I’;m updating, I’;m always looking for the most inexpensive way to achieve my look. I think you’;ll love these Guest Bedroom Ideas on a Budget!

I’;m sharing the evolution of my guest bedroom. I can never get enough Before and After room makeovers. Keep scrolling to see past years.

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When I decorate a bedroom, I think of the bedding first. You probably do too. The bed is the first thing you see of course, so it’;s important to have a comforter set or duvet cover with beautiful shams that you love!

As part of the Better Homes &; Gardens at Walmart Blogger programdecorative pillow cases, this month we were challenged to choose a room for a quick makeover. You may remember my Guest Bedroom Makeover from a couple of years ago. I think it was one of my first projects working with them. Although I still love it, I was starting to give it the side eye and dreaming of another stylish, yet inexpensive guest bedroom makeover. It seems like I redecorate the guest room every 2 years. ?

The first guest bedroom makeover I sharing with you was four years ago. It was more of a masculine look. I remember finding the drapes for a ridiculously low price. I couldn’;t pass them up. Looking at it now…;. I should have passed them up.

Better…;.. and I decided to still incorporate the white comforter set for my new makeover. It’;s from Better Homes &; Gardens too.

Are you ready for the 2017 guest bedroom ideas on a budget?

Lighter and brighter with navy blues and greens. It’;s a much cleaner look.

I updated the look with 5 items.

All items are from Better Homes &; Gardens found at Walmart. If you can’;t find it in your local store, find it online!

TOTAL MAKEOVER COST –; $325.59! Without the mattress, it would have been $170.59

I fell in love with the navy blue! I also love that it’;s reversible for more design options. It’;s soft and rich in color. I already had the white ruched bedding set which is still for sale. Depending on the size you need, you can pick one up between $39.96 and $44.96. I ended up using the white shams for a different look by setting them on their ends. I think it resembles a European pillow, the exact look I was going for. Budget decorators will find ways to use items differently. Sometimes you gotta think outside the box!

When I ordered this, I wasn’;t paying attention and thought I had ordered a mattress topper. Our mattress in that room is older and I thought it would save us money by just adding life to the bed by adding a topper. You can just imagine as we unpacked it and plopped it on top of the bed. I quickly figured out that I had ordered a mattress! Perfect! We needed one anyway! It’;s SO comfortable. I wonder if this will make my guests stay too long?

I had never had an area carpet in this room, but when I saw this blue one, I thought it would go perfectly with the bedding and I was right! It really pulls the room together! It’;s silky soft and plenty large for my space.

I didn’;t really NEED a new lamp. But, look at it! Could you pass it up? I could have just swapped out the lamp shade with an extra white one I had. But the peaceful feel and look this had, I thought it would look so nice. It would tie in all the blues and act as a decorative piece at the same time! Don’;t you love it?

My girlfriend Lara Blair is an artist who does the most amazing encaustic paintings. I had been seeing all her beachy designs on her Instagram and thought they’;d be perfect for this room! She’;s loaning them to me for a bit. How about that rattan ball? Why not?!

I needed something round to finish off this gallery wall. I wanted something earthy. It was the first thing I saw while going through a few discarded decorating items.

As I said, you gotta think outside the box. Break a few rules!

Everything else I already had. I shopped my home to fill in the spaces and to save money! Some of the best guest bedroom ideas on a budget come from combining a few of your own things with a few new items.

You can always count on inexpensive stylish decorating ideas from Better Homes &; Gardens at Walmart.

Farmhouse Office Makeover

Powder Room Bathroom Makeover

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a home show fanatic. I’m always thinking, “Ohhhhh and & Ahhh” over the rustic/farmhouse/industrial look. Totally make sense for my Midwestern colonial, right? Well, we are trying to merge some style into this new home build. The one thing that was always on our list to try was industrial shelving. Are you a fan, too? It’s super easy to make and looks pretty awesome for the short amount of time required. Plus, it’s totally affordable!

This years not so hot summer has already seen parts of the country deluged with water, combine this with the quintessential English steadfastness which sees summer slip into autumn in a matter of weeks to be inspired as to the colour schemes which are dominating the market this autumn and winter in the world of interior design. The usual autumnal colours such as orange, reds and deep greens remain firm favourites, however this year the colour trend is to tone things down a bit and opt for slate grey skies, moss green and browns tones used against powerful contrasting brights such as fuchsia pinks to create dramatic interiors which have a homely, warm appeal.

This post is sponsored by Zibra. All opinions are 100% mine.

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