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decorative pillow cases DIY Run Disney Shirts customized baby gifts

Updated: 2020-03-08 19:22 Views: 102

If you’;ve been a long time reader, then you may know that I love all things, Disney. You can find several DIY Disney projects on this site as evidence. To be honest, with you I’;ve never run in a Disney Marathon. I never say never, but I’;m also not holding my breath that I will one today.? The project shared in today’;s post is one that I’;ve received several requests for lately, how to make runDisney Shirts.? So, as Genie would say “;your wish is my command”;, I now give you, DIY Run Disney Shirts and SVG Cut Files!? This is a sponsored post. I work as a paid Ambassador for Cricut (who has a license for many of the Disney images used in today’;s post).?

I feel like I should preface this post with “;I am not a runner”;.? I don’;t have an athletic?bone in my body and wouldn’;t want you to get the wrong idea about me *wink*.? Most days I’;m doing good not to fall off of my Peloton bike.? I can also make it through most of a Pilates class without getting tangled in the ropes (note, I said “;most”;.)

decorative pillow cases

One of my dearest friends has run several runDisney marathons.? She’;s a huge Disney fan like me and has been trying to talk me into running one with her for years.? This year she told me I could just walk during the racedecorative pillow cases, it didn’;t matter. I don’;t know, we will see, I do walk faster than some people run.

(My oldest daughter, who is the model for these photos, told me she only run as much as her field hockey?coach made her, my son does, however, run on purpose *wink*)

I have several DIY Disney shirt SVG files on this site.? A few months ago, I got a request to modify one for a run Disney event. Unfortunately,?I couldn’;t do it at the time but promised that I’;d design some run Disney SVG files in the future. After that I got two more requests, and decided to bump this project up a few months!

Since Cricut has a license for many Disney images, I thought?that this months?Cricut blog post would be a fun one to create some DIY Run Disney Shirts!

All of the shirts in today’;s post are made using the new Cricut SportFlex Iron on. If you’;ve not seen it before, it’;s an iron-on material designed especially?for work out clothes. It’;s made to stretch with the clothes and adhere to the types of fabrics that work out clothes are often made from.

I’;ve designed 4 Disney Running SVG files for you.? 2 of them you can download on this site for free. Two of them need to be combined with other images in the Cricut Design Space. Since they are Disney specific images, you’;ll need to grab the officially?licensed?ones that Cricut has.? What’;s cool about that though, is that I’;m going to teach you how to combine multiple images in the Cricut Design Space to create unique and totally personal items! Don’;t worry, I’;ll link you directly to the files in Design Space so you don’;t have to go poking around too much.

Cricut SportFlext Iron-On

A Cricut Machine, Explore or Later, I use a Maker

Cricut EasyPress

Cricut EasyPress Mat

Recommended: Cricut Tools (to make weeding the vinyl easier)

SVG Cut Files that I designed, download on the Cricut Downloads Page of this site

For Cinderella Shirt:? Coach Silhouette SVG File in Cricut Design Space

For Peter Pan Shirt: Peter SVG file in Cricut Design Space

If you’;ve not used a Cricut EasyPress before, I’;d recommend reading this “;How to use the Cricut EasyPress”; blog post.

The first shirt I designed was this “;Will Run for Dole Whips”; one.? It was actually the first idea that I got for a running shirt after we visited Disney last August and I made a joke about being willing to run to have YET another Dole Whip that day.

To make the shirt, download the applicable file from the downloads page (link in supplies above). Import the image into the Cricut Design Space, then using your mouse highlight the entire image. On the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen click ATTACH.

Click MAKE IT, then click “;mirror image”;, select SportFlex from the materials list, and proceed as directed.

I think this Cinderella running shirt is kinda fun because it uses a “;hybrid”; of images.

Cinderella’;s coach is an image from the Disney collection in the Cricut design space and the words and some of the flourishes on the coach, are items I designed for you.

UPDATE: I’;ve been informed that Cricut has removed the image for the Coach part of the design. I’;m working on a new version of the file now. I’;ll update when it’;s ready.?

Download the WORDS for the Cinderella shirt using the link above. Upload them to the Cricut Design Space.

Using your mouse highlight all of the words and click ATTACH to the lower right-hand side.

Next, click IMAGE and add the Coach, if the link above is not working, just type “;Cinderella”; into the search bar.

Send the coach image to the back using the icon on the toolbar.

Resize the coach until the words you downloaded fit inside.

Change the color of the text to white, using the little circle next to the file on the toolbar on the far right-hand side.

Once you’;ve got the image where you want it, use your mouse to highlight ALL of the images, then click ATTACH using the button on the toolbar on the far right-hand side.

The Peter Pan Disney Running Shirt is constructed in a very similar way to the Cinderella shirt.

First, download the words on the Cricut Downloads page.

Upload them into the Cricut Design Space.

Insert the Peter Pan image from Cricut.

On the toolbar on the right-hand side HIDE all of the layers of Peter Pan except the black outline that is second from the bottom.

Then just position the words and the silhouette the way you’;d like them, highlight all the images and click attach.

You’;re now reading to cut out your file.

Since Disney also hosts a Star Wars Marathon, and since Solo just came out last weekend, I thought it would be fun to do a Star Wars inspired shirt as well. In this case, I decided to make a jacket since it seemed like the kind of thing you’;d throw on after a race.

You can grab the file on the Cricut Downloads page, it says “;Just finished the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs”;

Upload the file to Design Space, highlight all of the text then click ATTACH. You’;re now ready to go!

So all you runDisney fans, I hope these t-shirt designs are what you’;re looking for! If I ever run a race (of any kind) I’;ll be sure to let you know *wink*

To find out more about the SportFlex Iron-On, you can read THIS post with more details about the project.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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