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decorative pillow cases Art Journal Page- Get Inspired to Organize – September Challenge “Let´s get Organized” personalised birthday gifts

Updated: 2019-09-11 14:42 Views: 99

Hi everyone, Heidi here from,?today I would like to show you my take on this month’s Challenge Mood board. The theme is “Let’s get Organised“ and I know for myself that it can be hard to get your creative juices flowing again after a couple of weeks of not creating during summer vacation.

My take on the challenge therefore is how to get mentally organised to create again! I personally start with an easy project, do something that comes to you easily (drawing, sewing, journalingdecorative pillow cases, whatever you like and love), by the time my first project is done my creative juices are flowing again (and more idea’s have popped up in my head)!

canvas throw pillow covers

So, let’s “dream“ about your next project, “design“ it in your head, the way you would like it to be (maybe it turns out different in real life, then let go of the dream), but most important, start “creating“, use your hands; “inspire“ yourself!

This is what this month’s mood board looks like (look at these gorgeous subdued colors (kraft, black, grey, beige, white, nutshell), fabulous to work with):

Today I’m working in my 7gypsies Architextures “Vintage Pink“ Mix and Match Book and I choose a page with vintage paper background with only a couple of flowers (I choose this particular page because I could cover the flowers up easily because they are not spread over the page). The fun thing about this Mix and Match Book is that you can take pages out while you’re working on it and you can put it back in when you’re finished.

That being said, let’s get started!

I started my page by tearing a piece of paper from the Canvas Corp 12×;12 paper called “Yellow &; Ivory French Linen Stripe“ in a shape that I liked and tearing towards me (this exposes the ivory colored back of the paper). This piece of added paper creates the feeling that the other elements, that I will ad later on, are standing/laying in front of striped wall paper.

Next I’m adding my quote: this I choose from the 7gypsies Parchment Rub-On set “Inspire“ and I placed the words on the top right hand corner of my page. These rub-ons are wonderful to work with and you get so many images on one sheet!

Then I’m going to fussy cut the images that I want to use for my page from the Canvas Corp “Sewing on Ivory“ paper, and I adhered the images to my page in a design that spoke to me using liquid glue.

When the glue was dry I distressed the edges of my art journal page using an edge distresser, but you can also use your scissors.

I decided that my page needed some more fun details so I first draw in some lines on the foot of the largest image (like it’s on a table or floor), so she’s more grounded. Then I edged the page using Versafine “Onyx Black“ ink and a foam applicator tool. And then I added a couple of more rub-ons that I felt matched the design I was going for.

For my finishing touch I choose to ad some gold colored thread that I sew on the page in several places by hand!

And that finishes today’s fun art journaling project! We would love to hear how you get creatively organised in your head, how do you get your creative juices flowing after summer vacation?

Some detail pictures:

Materials that I have used:

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

–; 7gypsies Architextures Mix &; Match Book “Vintage Pink“

–; 7gypsies Parchment Rub-Ons “Inspire“

–; Canvas Corp 12×;12 paper “Yellow &; Ivory French Linen Stripe“

–; Canvas Corp 12×;12 paper “Sewing on Ivory“


–; Needle and gold colored thread

–; Edge distresser or scissors

–; Versafine “Onyx Black“ ink

Linen is naturally smart. There are some facts provided by the nature to prove this bold statement.

(Video link here.) Over the years, we’ve published quite a few of artist/inventor/designer Domnic Wilcox‘s brilliant rethinking of ordinary objects, documented on his site Variations on Normal. We love that Wilcox constantly challenges “normal” because “normal” is often so terribly limiting. And as Wilcox shows, its FUN and illuminating to think outside the normal box.

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