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decorative pillow cases An Embroidered Fix for Torn, Treasured Fabric geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-05 20:38 Views: 149

Virginia del Giudice

We recently received another inspiring fabric fix from?Virginia del Giudice,?photographer and?co-owner with Alejandra Agüero of?La Percalina, a fine vintage clothing shop in Buenos Aires.?

funny pillow cases

Alejandra and I had a beautifully made maxi skirt from the sixties at La Percalina. We worked on it for days to clean and restore it and when it was ready to be hunged we found a little hole at the front! ?I had to do something to rescue this beauty!

This is what we did:

Virginia del Giudice


Virginia del Giudice


Virginia del Giudice

No words necessary. While it might take a little practice to make repairs as lovely as Virginia and Alejandra’;sdecorative pillow cases, it’;s totally do-able, and a wonderful way not only to save wonderful clothes and fabrics, but add a charming?visual surprise as well.

Thanks Virginia!

I am going to be really frank in this post. ?It is tough-love time. ?If you are making one of the 3 mistakes below, then your home is not as welcoming as it could be.


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