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decorative pillow cases 12 Days of Stenciling- A Stenciled Cork Board Personality linen pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-16 03:28 Views: 204

Happy Tuesday, my DIY crafters!? Yesterday we kicked off our 12 Days of Stenciling where Cutting Edge Stencils promised to share stenciled DIY projects that would hopefully make your gift giving season a little less stressful and provide inspiration to help brighten your home for the holidays.? We know the holidays can be hectic between school performances and social events.? Today’;s project is going to take into account how hard it can be to remember what’;s going on when!? So whether you plan on kicking off the next year in an organized fashion or you’;re looking for a stylish place to pin all those daily reminders, this is the DIY craft for you.

Today’;s project of the day is a Stenciled Cork Board.

accent pillow case baby burlap

We’;d like you to meet Jenna, the crafty DIYer behind the blog Two Oh Two Seven.? You might remember Jenna from when we featured her gorgeous stenciled black and white laundry room.? Well she’;s back at it again and this time she’;s stenciling a cork board for her craft room.? Jenna wanted a place to put all of her craft thoughts so she decided to create a stylish cork board using our Casablanca patterndecorative pillow cases, red acrylic craft paint, and white molding. It’;s perfect for storing all her holiday craft ideas, don’;t you think?

Upcycling an old cork board can be an easy peasy DIY gift idea!? Just ask Kimbo, from A Girl and A Glue Gun, the mastermind behind this adorable project.? Her favorite bulletin board had taken a nasty fall and had fallen off its frame.? Rather than toss the broken item, Kimbo decided to give it a stenciled makeover.? First she stenciled a piece of burlap using our Nagoya Stencil and Americana craft paint in white and sea glass.? Then she attached the burlap to the old bulletin board using gorilla glue and secured a piece of twine to hang it!? See we told you that was easy!

Here is a version of this project that we are just in LOVE with! Why? Because it’;s a cork board, magnetic board, chalkboard AND it looks super stylish!? Margy and Laurie are the creative crafters behind 2Happy Grlz Design, an Etsy Shop.? They stenciled our Marrakech Trellis Craft pattern on a sheet of cork roll, which can be found in local craft stores.? Then they adhered it to a magnetic board and painted the middle pattern using chalkboard paint.? This three-in-one message board makes a stylish and functional DIY gift!

A handmade gift does not have to cost a fortune to create and if you don’;t believe us then just ask Desiree, from The 36th Avenue. She bought a plain cork board for $3.? Desiree wanted to give it a little pizazz so she painted our Polka Dot Stencil (which she had from stenciling a wall in her home) with white craft paint. About fifteen minutes later, she had this beauty!

Haven’;t had enough stenciling fun?:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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You can use household items?to create optical illusions.

Buttons, whether functional or just decorative, are a favorite element on Sew4Home projects, but we know you start rolling your eyes when you think about having to break out the needle and thread to sew on button after button. For some reason, button-sewing is stuck in our psyche as a dreaded, time-consuming task. We’re here to tell you that need not be true! Read on to learn our favorite, super speedy, five-step process to perfect buttons.

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