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How to Make Your Mascara Last Longer Bonus Makeup Remover Recipe

Updated: 2019-07-26 12:36 Views: 120

Ok, so mascara is not cheap. Unfortunately, it often dries out long before it should leaving you to have to replace it. If you want to prolong the life of your mascaradecorative pillow cases, there is an easy and effective way to do so and if you already have the ingredients at home, it is a really cheap way to prolong mascara life.

You need to just place about 5 drops of saline solution or eye drops into your mascara. That’s it – you just use the want to mix the solution in and it will moisten your mascara and make it last a bit longer.

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Please note that you should always throw mascara out if you have had an eye infection to keep the infection from spreading. If you simply notice that mascara dries up quickly however, this is a great remedy for that.

You can also save a bit by making your own eye makeup remover. You just have to mix:

Use this to remove eye makeup. Another great and inexpensive eye makeup remover is Vaseline. You can use it to remove eye makeup at night and it helps to keep eye crusties from forming overnight.

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