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Holly Berry Bowtie Tutorial

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personalized graduation gifts

Before you go out engagement?ring shopping, keep in mind a category that's quickly becoming a bride-to-be's most coveted choice: alternative engagement ring styles. This group includes anything atypical, like a unique style, a center gemstone other than a traditional diamonddecorative pillow cases, or a design feature that's unordinary. ?This category has been trending recently because it aligns with what most brides consider important—a phrase often uttered that goes something like, "I want a ring that no one else has."

Gift cards are easy, right? You just pick one up anywhere with a cash register and in a nanosecond you’ve taken care of your gifting needs. Except, not really. The recipient of that gift card will likely be underwhelmed and give you some serious side eye because, let’s face it, not much thought goes into gift cards. Unless you’re Man Crates.

I recently cleaned and organized my kitchen, and during the process, I found thousands of plastic spoons. Well, not thousands, but there were several of them. I rarely use plastic spoons, so I'm wondering why I even had this massive hoard on hand.

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